Real Estate Photography in Upton, MA

168 North St. Upton MA

Watch City Steampunk Festival 2017 Waltham MA photos

It sure was fun going out and take photos today in Waltham at The Watch City Steampunk Festival. I will be back next year. Thank you to all of the participants who willingly let us photographers take your photos. Temperatures could have been a little warmer, but for a photographer, the sun was behind the cloud, thus making a great day to photograph without all the sun glare and shadows a sunny day usually brings. #watchcity #Steampunk

You can see more online here. 

These photos are not for commercial use. They can only be used by the person in the photos.






Shrewsbury MA real estate photography shoot

37 Roman Drive Shrewsbury

Real estate photography in Holliston, MA

85 Johnson Drive, Holliston

The do’s and don’ts of Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography in West Brookfield

319 Long Hill, West Brookfield

Real Estate Photography in Sudbury MA

271 Boston Post Road, Sudbury

This property was a pleasure to take photos of. I wish I was able to spend more time there (of course getting paid more). This would have been an ideal property to set up multiple lights and really take my time getting really nice magazine quality photos, but was still able get some great photos and with the help of post production I was able to bring out the real beauty of this property. How will your photos look online? See for yourself.

Real Estate Photography in Leicester, Ma

11 Brookside Drive, Leicester MA

This was a well done remodeled property in Leicester, Ma., a suburb of Worcester. It was a nice location, with woods in the back yard, and nicely remodeled ranch.



Valentines Comedy Show Featuring Jimmy Cash and others

Shooting low light conditions can be a challenge. Using the right equipment helps as well as doing post editing. 

Creating HDR images vs. Non HDR

I took this photo of a property recently and the one on the left was unedited and is the image the camera came up with. The second image I created an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image with photo editing software to create a much more vibrant image. See for yourself the difference. Sure it might take a little more time and cost a little bit more, but if you have one chance to get your prospect to look at more images, I would think that is a small price to pay.