Here are some good tips to think about when listing your clients photos online.

  1. Consider where your photos are going. In almost every real estate site, buyers have about 25-30 images to view of the property. Spend more time choosing the exterior photo. It is usually the one that gets the prospect to look at the others.
  2. What are the strongest points of the property? Secondary exterior shots should be great selling points. Such as a deck, patio or a great backyard.
  3. Time of day matters. Best time of day to shoot is early morning or later at night, but not always the most convenient time. Some would say the “sweet spot” is half hour before sunset or the half hour sunset. It might cost you a little extra, but it can make a huge difference in how property looks: “Many real estate photographers have a package where they come back and do a twilight shot.”
  4. Remember great photography is not substitute for a great price. “Houses are not what they were worth as if in 2006.” If your property is overpriced. It will not matter how good your photographs are.

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