Do Virtual 360 Tours help sell houses during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

These are some pretty impressive stats on these houses. Almost all of them sold above asking price.

Sold in 6 days. Matterport 360 Virtual Tour in Westborough, MA. 

Sold in 7 days. Matterport 360 Virtual Tour in Bolton, MA. 

Sold in 8 days. Matterport 360 Virtual Tour in Grafton, MA

Sold in 5 days. Matterport Virtual 360 Tour in Worcester, MA. 

Sold in 4 days. 360 Virtual Tour in Worcester, MA

Sold in 3 days. 360 Virtual Tour in Northborough, MA

Matterport & 360 Tours now available in Worcester, MA area.

We are currently offering 360 Tours as an addition to our services.

Here are some recent Matterport & 360 Virtual Tour Samples.

The one is a beautiful property that was scanned with Matterport in Grafton, MA

This Matterport dollhouse was done in Bolton, MA and this property sold in 2 weeks after listing.

Other options to Matterport for a 360 Tour:

This 360 Virtual Tour was done in Webster, MA also included aerial images.

This lake front Property in Douglas was done with 360 Virtual Tour as well.

Premium Photography and 360 Real Estate Virtual Tour, Worcester MA