Matterport & 360 Tours now available in Worcester, MA area.

We are currently offering 360 Tours as an addition to our services.

Here are some recent Matterport & 360 Virtual Tour Samples.

This one was scanned with my 360 camera that includes floor plans. My #1 choice for quality of images.


The one is a beautiful property that was scanned with Matterport in Grafton, MA – SOLD and removed the 360 Tour.

This Matterport dollhouse was done in Bolton, MA and this property sold in 2 weeks after listing. SOLD and removed the 360 Tour.

Other options to Matterport for a 360 Tour:

This 360 Virtual Tour was done in Webster, MA also included aerial images.

This lake front Property in Douglas was done with 360 Virtual Tour as well.

Premium Photography and 360 Real Estate Virtual Tour, Worcester MA

Should you use a Real Estate Photographer to sell a home?

Why Professional Photography Matters in the Real Estate Business

Great real estate brokers know that long-term career success is achieved by leveraging the strengths of a carefully developed team of professionals. Real estate agents wouldn’t dream of buying and selling homes without the help of a trusted home inspector, lender, or attorney. More of them are adding professional real estate photographers like myself to that list. Here’s why.

Homes Stand Out More on All Marketing Channels

While the words that real estate professionals use to describe cozy Bungalows and stately Colonials matter, pictures dominate the landscape on the MLS and social media platforms. The most prominent challenge of online marketers is content overload. User-friendly mobile applications and distribution platforms make it easy for anyone to post grainy, poorly lit amateur-style photos. Real estate agents need a way to distinguish their listings from the rest.

At Dave Corrigan Real Estate Photography, I use professional training, experience, and equipment to capture vivid pictures of residential and commercial properties. I offer standard and premium professional photography services that fit the needs of my clients and their customers. The results are clear and bright pictures that make properties outshine the competition on platforms such as MLS, Instagram, and Trulia.

Showcases Scenic Features of a Property

You’ve landed a listing for a gorgeous Craftsman with stunning bay-front views. The property looks beautiful in person. However, you’re having a hard time getting a picture that captures the essence of the property and its special features with just the camera on your cell phone. Consider getting premium photos and aerial views of the property by hiring a professional real estate photographer like myself.

According to recent real estate statistics, homes that were listed with aerial pictures sold 68 percent faster than homes that were marketed with standard photos. At Dave Corrigan Photography, I get the best pictures of urban and rural landscapes and water views that surround Massachusetts’ most distinctive homes. I’m licensed by the FAA to pilot drones for commercial use.

Highlights the Whole Neighborhood

Property buyers don’t just buy buildings; they buy into neighborhoods. Besides checking out the community’s reputation, these real estate shoppers want to see a property in relation to homes, schools, and stores in the neighborhood. If you have a property that’s close to great selling points such as a grocery store, cafe, or golf course, it’s time to show off those features visually in your listing.

By using my aerial photography services, you can give potential buyers a broader look at your property. These images allow them to see things that are important to them such as how far the property sits from main streets, the neighborhood’s extensive network of sidewalks and bicycle lanes, or the home’s distance from the neighborhood dog park.

Improves Chances of Getting Asking Price

Let’s say that a few homes have just become available for sale at the same time. They are similar in size, amenities, and condition. One seller has a slightly higher asking price for her property than the others. Will she get the price that she wants? That depends on how the property is staged and the quality of photos that are shown on its marketing materials. Don’t ruin fantastic staging with amateur cell phone pictures.

Moderately priced homes starting at $200,000 often benefit most from professional real estate photos. While your competitors angle their smartphones to get different views of these mid-priced beauties, you can upload professional interior and exterior photos that show your property in sharp detail. Buyers of more upmarket homes expect nothing short of professional real estate photos when perusing listings.

Decreases Time on the Market

Professional real estate photographers know how light and shadows play off interior and exterior features of a property. Sadly, many homes and businesses that are posted on MLS and social platforms show photos that are grainy, dull, and unattractive. Imagine what happens when a potential buyer comes across a property that’s competitively priced, in a desired location, and is depicted by a clear, well-lit professional photo. The buyer will more than likely request an in-person tour of the property and seriously consider putting in an offer. Fast-selling homes and commercial buildings bring satisfaction to your clients and allow you to move on to your next big project.

Attracts New Business

As a real estate professional, you publish property listings for more than just the benefit of potential buyers. When sellers need help marketing their properties, they want to work with a winning team. After getting good reviews from their peers about your track record of success, they’ll likely check out your current listings to see how you market other properties. By using Dave Corrigan Real Estate Photography for your listings, you’ll convince them that they’re working with a true professional.

In Full Scope

Real estate agents look for the win-win for buyers and sellers. By using a professional photography service such as Dave Corrigan Real Estate Photography, they bring properties to life for potential buyers. This results in faster home sales that are good for your clients and your real estate business. If you’re ready to take your listings to the next level with premium photos and aerial drone footage, give me a call for a quote on service.