This was a job I did in Holden, MA. It was a flip and they originally just had me photograph the house with the basic photoshoot. The basic shoot is just that, walk around the house, get photos of different angles, do some minor edits then upload images to the client. Well, the property sat and was not get much action. So the realtor had someone come by and stage the property, the had me go out there but this time requested the  Premium photo package this time. The Premium photoshoot takes a fair amount of extra time, using tripod, extra lighting and the combination of images on the computer to get the best possible results.

I put a side by side comparison of a couple of rooms to show the difference. If you are trying to get the most for your property, but maybe cutting corners on the front end, it might not be the wisest choice. After this house was staged and had premium photos, the response was much greater. With more potential clients, the time on market could be reduced and you can be onto your next client.